Lessons learnt from trying – Part 6

One of the difficulties in having Matt as a business partner was the fact that his home was in Jersey. A beautiful utopian island, situated in the English Channel, endless surf, fresh fish and ultimately another millionaire/billionaires playground. A place that, through my friendships, I have become fond of and have also recently found out that my future aunty will be marrying my uncle there. So it is a place close to my heart. However…

Lessons learnt from trying – Part 3

Our three first designs consisted of: Gunners for the Arsenal (GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD…Sike), Hammers for West Ham, and SpɩЈrs for Tottenham.

Now you are thinking what is “SpɩЈrs”, well at 18 years of age you tend to think of the most hilarious techniques to bypass an accussation of copyright infringement.

Lessons learnt from trying – Part 1

I really didn’t want to ever go to university, in fact to this day I still have no idea how I managed to get onto an actual course with the my A-Level results.

Rewinding back, to when I came to the end of my studies at Woking College in 2011. There was a broken and discontent person inside of me that really felt every book, question and fact that I tried to digest from the teachers simply wouldn’t happen the way it was expected to. Ignoring all the complications this caused at home (My mum is and always will be very passionate about education) against all odds I managed to complete the courses I had started.