Finc.Global 🤔.🌎 ®

A place for the individual that continues to learn, long after an “official” education has finished. 

Facebook is a place most of us don’t want to be, however as humans, we cave in and find ourselves using this platform so often. we are using it to grow, learn & teach other like minded people. 

It is a community for futurists & forward fincers. People that know there is more to gain from life then what is drip fed through filtered media.  

No matter whether you grew up in a council estate or country estate, religious or atheist, young or old, we all have something positive to learn from one another.

The group has a core membership of 400+ members and it is growing week on week.  The next steps are to invite people of interest for live Q&A’s. If you’d like to join us, please request membership here.

🤔 .🌎 ®