Unconfirmed Facebook Ad Product announcements 2020

So its been a wild month, with world record fines, Libra/Calibra & Libra Foundation announcements, #TheGreatHack on Netflix and Boris as PM dropping over 5000 ad variants on day one on the job.

It’s fair to say tech is moving at lightning pace, and as much as the above may give us anxiety, there is no doubt $FB is and will continue to be the place for advertisers of companies, brands, movements of the future.

Although the below is unconfirmed I have commented some predictions on each of the supposed features

Product Roadmap:

– For effective tracking and signals that help ad campaigns facebook is updating the pixel. (I have already used the event setup tool by facebook. Personally, I think it’s magical and is a huge step forward for advertisers large and small. Signal is a massive driver for success with fb ads and this will play a massive part in optimisation of user journeys when on your website. I believe the pixel will now auto-detect events and will allow for more custom parameters to be fed through)

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– Video still stands as the best type of content consumed on Facebook family of apps and with the introduction of Facebook Watch which is growing with its current market share, they are expanding how in-stream ads can be bought. Currently we can buy midroll ads.

New ways of buying will include:

– Reserve buying – similar to buying TRP. (will most likely be exclusive to US)

– Single show buys are going to be made available. So similar to how ad buying works on TV. (This will be very interesting as Watch has original content, will brands be offered bumper ads in the same way shows like Love Island have sold to uber?)


Stories continues to grow as it is the highest used form of content for discovery on all platforms. 1B daily users and a fully immersive vertical real estate available. (Crazy momentum as stories storms into a media heavyweight position in its own right)

Some of the new formats and placements for advertisers are as follows:-

– Polling stickers : Instagram already has native stickers, now you can amplify these posts via ads.

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– Video Chaining: Facebook. I am particularly excited about this as this is one way of storytelling with letting the audience decide on multiple outcomes. Think Bandersnatch. It technically opens up a world of possibilities as we can have specifically curated content per outcome and just let the audience choose their own adventure. (Pretty sure this has been available with Reach & Frequency buys but very exciting if this is possible under different ad objectives)

– Video Polling : Facebook. Similar to polls but with video, can be used creatively in many ways. (As the above says think bandersnatch, you can now tell stories that give the viewer a choice in storyline, this will be a very powerful way in profiling your audience)

– Dynamic ads for Stories : Instagram. Similar to feed carousel ads, we can now have dynamic ads in stories. Fully immersive slideshow with thumb interaction. (This is flames, with the addition of collections on instagram and IG shoppable tags & Libra 2020, the shopping experience is truly becoming frictionless commerce)

– In-stream ads for Direct response : Mid-roll ads can be bought for objectives like Reach, Conversion and Mobile app installs as compared to Video views only so far. (This is also fantastic as the audience network has some very powerful placements and is underestimated)

Very exciting time and even more so now that facebook has announced that the FMC Bronze certification is now going to be the Facebook Certifed Ad Product Developer exam

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