Lessons Learnt From Being a Linkybrain 🔗🧠

We have all been victim to terrible psychographic surveys in which an employer tries to fit your personality into 1 of 4 matrix.

There has been a phenomenon spreading for those that do not fit into these boxes. For those that observe, think big and connect with humans. For those that cannot sit infront of a screen for 8 hours a day. We are called linky brains and I’m going to tell you more about my life to date on the positives and negatives it has had on my career. 

When reading Doug Scotts post on linkedin about wanting to meet linky brains. I smiled as I finally felt a sense of belonging to this particular personality type.  Read the other original posts from Chris Tottman at Notion Capital: Here & Alex Dunsdon from SAATCHiNVEST here. These three are the Linkybrain mafiosos.

Why did I feel a sense of belonging? 

I’ve “read” well over 500 books up to the age of 11. This came to a grinding halt as the books got longer and sentences were pointlessly fluffed up. This meant I could no longer skim read as effectively as before and I quit my reading hobby.

In primary school I was in most of the top tier classes but I would never write anything down.

In secondary school I started to go downhill with grades and enjoyed getting into as much trouble as possible. 

I went to ADT college. The experiment done by Lord Ashcroft where he successfully managed to have over 1000 students running around South London with his security company logo plastered on the blazer.

I discovered that they were testing infrared cameras that would highlight our blazers on the security display monitors. Hence why they had a rule of always keeping the synthetic blazer on. I know this via climbing onto the roofs to inspect these dodgy looking cameras.

Not sure as to why but in year nine the school renamed to Ashcroft academy and a new wave of heads of department with Blackberrys came in. Detentions where dished out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So much so, students would do mass walkouts when convinced to do so by the older year groups.

I remember being told by the head of 6th form that I wouldn’t be given a place for year 12. It was music to my ears as I could not wait to leave. I then moved to Surrey to follow my “dream career” as a footballer. I signed to Woking academy from 16-18. 

There were only 5 guys out of the 30 man squad, that were based at Woking college pursuing both A-Levels and training 4-5 days a week. 

I can’t say it suited me as I’d turn up to wrong lectures or would arrive as they ended. My priority was on football and this didn’t go down well with the college. Heads of year would call my mum in and threaten to expel me due to behaviour and inability to focus in lessons. Somehow I got into uni, there’s more about my transition from college to uni here: Lessons learnt from trying Part 1.

Anyway as a classic linky, I’ve digressed.

Whats does being a linkybrain mean to me?

1. Ideas come easy, execution is getting better.

2. Moving fast and breaking things. 

3. No fear of failure.  (I’ve just turned 25 and am on my 3rd business attempt)

4. The complete and utter opposite of a perfectionist. 

5. Ability to observe absolutely everything. Online & offline.

6. Obsessed with learning. Youtube and udemy are the best.

7. Despise admin. 

8. Prefer a phone call over email anyday.

9. Love presenting to groups.  Even better at winging it.

10. No longer read books, use audible at 1.5x – 2x speed. 

11. Think like a hacker. Understand social engineering. (Perhaps more personal but think all linkys should try, I recommend you start with this book)

12. Fan of Modafonil. 

13. I’m unemployable, unmanagable and couldn’t care less.

14.  On a rollercoaster of self belief & imposter syndrome. Very much like Thorpe Parks Stealth on loop.

15. Dreamer. #Dreamville

16. Struggle with authority. 

17. Love writing on paper but never read back on it as it hardly makes andy sense. 

18. Love bringing people together.  

19. Learn best by teaching.

20. Focused on growth. 

The first Brighton Linkybrain meet up has been confirmed 

Small Batch Coffee Roasters, 17 Jubilee St, Brighton

Friday 6th April 11.30-12.30

Ask yourself where you fit on this matrix:

Then feel free to join us and head over to the linkybrains.com site for more info, write your confession and get involved!