Lessons learnt from trying – Part 6

One of the difficulties in having Matt as a business partner was the fact that his home was in Jersey. A beautiful utopian island, situated in the English Channel, endless surf, fresh fish and ultimately another millionaire/billionaires playground. A place that, through my friendships, I have become fond of and have also recently found out that my future aunty will be marrying my uncle there. So it is a place close to my heart. However…

The reason this caused a problem for us in the first year of trading was how would we operate during the summer?

I had again got myself some work at my best mate Spike, Dads company S2 Events, something I did some previous years. It was for my compulsory uni work placement. Wolter (Spikes dad) is a business man I’d admire very much, he has the ability to work under an ever changing environment and keep a cool head at all times & always with a smile, like he is sat in a hammock in the Bahamas. Pure class.

S2 events used to be called Supotco which is Octupus spelt backwards. I remember working out that S2 stands for Spike & Saskia (his sister) I do love business names that have a emotional touch.

Whilst I was working with them, they were located on Valentine Place in Waterloo. They are experts from anything to do with show production, set design & construction, hire and technical services and they specialise in live events including awards, fashion, music, film & TV, launches, conferences, exhibitions, corporate, private parties. 

Although it is hard to admit. It isn’t easy to do manual labouring work especially going from a lazy student life to such a busy environment, it really took its toll on me, with me falling asleep in one of the store rooms filled with beanbags. HOW COULD YOU BLAME ME IT’S A BEANBAG ROOM.

Why did I sleep in the store room? I was trying to run finc whilst at the same time… living like a gypsy. From my dads second flat for a month, then moving to a family friends spare room for another 3 weeks, then finally back to my dads. Moving is tough and this all happened in conjunction with receiving global orders, packing, posting the items, keeping up the social media feeds, replying to customer inquiries, looking up the next influencer to plug our brand to Skyping suppliers in China. This meant that there were late nights. Unfortunately S2 required early mornings, I was simply not cut out for the stress and lack of sleep I was putting myself under. 

This taught me about how I cope when involved with multiple projects. I use, I, because we are all different and finding out these sort of things about yourself cannot really be taught, you have to discover them yourself.

It’s not Matts fault, he genuinely had to go back to Jersey, but this is where things started to get complacent and go wrong. Orders where getting shipped slower, the social media feeds where slacking and communications with suppliers had slowed down.

Then the huge order came through and there was a huge argument with DHL about the £180 customs charge and I had to haggle it down as they had not calculated the cost price of each unit we had bought and rather had just made an estimate based on weight. The box was huge, lugging it across south London from the depot was a day I’ve blissfully forgotten until now.

On one of the early summer days I was invited to go to a Mikill Pane gigs in Shoreditch. Great vibe and a place for me to make some new friends (eg give away some garments) P.Money was present along with Ed Sheeran, XO Man and the producer Jake Gosling. 

I cannot recall how, but having got into a short conversation with Mr.Gosling I had added him on facebook. (Linkedin wasn’t my thing just yet). Fast forward toward the end of August and I saw a picture uploaded of, Jake’s famous Sticky Studios back garden. Ed Sheeran sat with 5 lads and his guitar. (they where righting a guilty pleasure of mine “Little Things”). No-one was really supposed to know about the coming together of these British musicians and the picture really hadn’t made it that obvious, to how long they’d be working together, but instinctively I sent out a hat to Zayn Malik a Manchester United Fan. If you don’t listen to your gut feelings then you will never be able to earn yourself some luck.

My last week with S2 Events had ended and my time had now been fully focused on getting the finc ship moving at full speed again in time for the Euro 2012. The summer ahead was going to be super tough.

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