Lessons learnt from trying – Part 3

Our three first designs consisted of: Gunners for the Arsenal (GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD…Sike), Hammers for West Ham, and SpɩЈrs for Tottenham.

Now you are thinking what is “SpɩЈrs”, well at 18 years of age you tend to think of the most hilarious techniques to bypass an accussation of copyright infringement.

SpɩЈrs is who we claimed to be on the design of our hats, and this was our response to Victoria at THFC: 



Thank you for your email. We highly regard your comments, and have
amended the websites naming of the product to now state its original
and specific design name:

London SpɩЈrs Snapback Cap

We were unable to name our product as such from the start as we
couldn’t find ways to edit the HTML setting on our website. This has
now been corrected.
Please find attached a copy of the original design with the cockerel
removed. You will see the design does not state the word spurs
but ‘spɩЈrs’. We understand we have used a play on the word but have equally respected the terms of your trademark in not actually using the word ‘Spurs’. 

  With regards to the Cockerel logo your website states:

  “These include Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur, Tottenham, THFC, To Dare
Is To Do, White Hart Lane, Spurs Line as well as our cockerel on ball
logo, club shield and old club badge.”

  We have consequently interpreted that your IP protection covers the
cockerel on ball logo, but not a lone cockerel as is depicted on our cap.

 Our regards and good luck with this season.
Yours sincerely


It bought us some time, and honestly in hindsight we made a huge mistake on trying to subtly re-configure the club logos, but in the space of time we had put this all together and baring in mind Matts minimal knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, it was something that we messed up on completely.

Finc had no intentions of ripping off the designs of football clubs, infact we had a mission in completely re-imaging the logos in an American graphic style which we eventually did with our next item the Crystal Palace Eagles hat.

Never the less, during the long email conversation between ourselves and Spurs, which we purposely delayed the responses as long as possible for. We made the best of this time and subsequently managed to sell out of the particular cap in question.

Although this wouldn’t have been the start to expect at a company run from a 5th floor freshers halls in Bournemouth (big up Purbeck house) it was quite flattering to know that our idea had already seemed like a threat to such a big club like Spurs, It was the verification that finc could indeed disrupt the sports apparel market in the UK.

So with our first version Gunners hat and SpɩЈrs now having sold out, due to the influencers in the music industry that had co-signed our range. It was time to take a step back and access what team to take on next. In regards to the musicians that supported from us from day one I first need to talk about a special don called Posty at GRM Daily. More of this in part 4.

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